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If you want a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of your smile, then teeth whitening is for you. John Sarris, DMD, Thomas Copulos, DDS, and the team at Dental Designs of Plantation provide high-quality teeth whitening for their patients in Plantation, Florida, who are looking to put the shine back in their smile. Get started today and schedule an appointment by phone or online.

Teeth Whitening

Why should I have a professional bleach my teeth?

Many people are tempted to use store-bought whitening kits to improve the color of their smile, but these kits are ineffective at best and potentially harmful to your oral health. Over-the-counter kits are designed to be generic and fit every type of smile, so chances are they won’t fit snugly around your particular teeth. Because of this, the whitening solution frequently leaks out, coming into contact with your gums or sliding down the back of your throat.

The bleaching solution used in store-bought kits also isn’t nearly as effective as what you get at Dental Designs of Plantation. When you use an over-the-counter kit, the bleaching gel only works on the surfaces of your teeth, where it’s able to improve minor discoloration. But it won’t actually penetrate your enamel and break up tougher stains. The professional-strength solution that your dentist uses oxidizes, which means that it goes beyond the surface of your teeth and actually works in the deeper layers of your teeth, giving you an even whiter, brighter, and more beautiful smile.

What’s involved in professional teeth whitening?

Dental Designs of Plantation offers two types of professional whitening treatments: in-office whitening and custom take-home trays.

In-office whitening

When you get in-office whitening, your dentist uses special tools to protect your lips, cheeks, and gums, then applies a professional-strength bleaching solution to your teeth. The bleaching solution whitens your teeth while you wait in the chair, which usually takes less than an hour. In some cases, your dentist might shine a special laser or LED light on your teeth to help the whitening gel penetrate even more deeply into your enamel. One in-office treatment can brighten your smile by up to eight shades.

Custom take-home trays

If you want to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your home, Dental Designs of Plantation can make custom take-home whitening trays for you. Your whitening trays are designed from an impression of your smile, so they fit perfectly and snugly around your smile, unlike store-bought whitening strips. Your dentist gives you a professional-strength solution to put in the trays, which you wear on your teeth for a prescribed amount of time each day. Within just a matter of weeks, you’ll notice a marked improvement in the color of your smile.

Am I a candidate for teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a great way for teens and adults to improve their smile. Your dentist conducts an exam beforehand to check for any signs of gum disease or tooth decay. Your dentist wants to treat any dental concerns before you whiten your teeth.

Schedule your consultation with Dental Designs of Plantation by phone or online and get started on your teeth whitening today.