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There's a Bad Taste in My Mouth, What Could It Be?

From onions to oral medications, there are many things that can make your mouth taste and smell disgusting. Most times, an extra tooth brushing or mint can cure the funk in your mouth, but occasionally that bad taste follows you around.

When this happens, you need the expertise of our dentists to banish the unpleasant presence. 

At Dental Designs of Plantation, Dr. Thomas Copulos and Dr. John Sarris know that even your taste buds are part of strong overall oral health. They’re here to get to the bottom of your foul-tasting mouth. 

What’s considered a bad taste?

Everyone experiences bad tastes in their mouths differently. You know you have a bad taste you should be concerned about if you can describe it as:

Even if you’re not quite sure how to describe what’s going on in your mouth, come see our dentists for an expert’s opinion. 

What causes a bad taste?

A bad taste in your mouth can be a side effect of conditions like acid reflux, neurological conditions, and even pregnancy, but the most common culprits are oral health problems.

Poor oral hygiene

Is your toothbrush starting to collect dust? Are you lost when it comes to proper flossing technique? If so, your poor oral hygiene habits could be the source of that bad taste in your mouth because you aren’t properly cleaning your teeth, gums, and tongue and removing bacteria and food particles. 

Infections, cavities, and decay

Without proper brushing and flossing technique, you’re not only leaving the day’s food and bacteria to fester in your mouth, you’re putting yourself at risk for developing dental problems. Gingivitis, abscesses, infections, cavities, and decay are a recipe for bad tastes in your mouth and can cause even more serious complications down the road. 

Impacted wisdom teeth

Your last four teeth to come in are your wisdom teeth, found way in the back of your mouth. When these teeth come in at an irregular angle, they become impacted. An impacted wisdom tooth is a breeding ground for bacteria that can turn into a serious infection and a bad taste in your mouth. 

Dry mouth

Your mouth is naturally wet for a good reason. You need saliva to remove food from your mouth and keep your teeth clean. When your salivary glands don’t produce enough saliva, chances are you have leftover food lurking in the crevices of your mouth, leaving you repulsed by the taste left behind. 

Oral thrush

This is a type of yeast infection that grows rapidly in warm, moist areas like your mouth, resulting in a foul taste (among other symptoms). You’re most at risk for oral thrush if you’re older or suffer from a suppressed immune system. If you have a serious sweet tooth, your chances also increase because yeast thrives on excess sugar in your mouth. 

How do you get rid of a bad taste?

Fortunately, getting rid of the bad taste in your mouth can be quite simple. If it’s caused by an infection like oral thrush or an impacted wisdom tooth, treating the infection or extracting the tooth will clear up the bad taste and other symptoms quickly. 

More likely, your bad taste will be vanquished when you start a consistent oral hygiene routine and take advantage of our preventive dentistry by scheduling regular cleanings and check-ups. Our dentists can clear away the extra bacteria and food trapped in your mouth, supporting your normal flossing and brushing at home. 

Stop ignoring your body’s warning that something’s wrong. Get the help, education, and treatment you need to free your taste buds. To get started with treatment, call our office in Plantation, Florida, or schedule an appointment online today.

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