Recovering from a Full Mouth Reconstruction

When you have numerous dental issues, you can restore your smile with a full mouth reconstruction. This surgical process is highly customizable and designed to address your specific dental needs.

At Dental Designs of Plantation, Dr. John Sarris and Dr. Thomas Copulos work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure the best results possible. A full mouth reconstruction restores your dental and overall health by addressing issues such as:

Because no two treatment plans are the exact same, recovery varies greatly. We will discuss your projected recovery and healing period in-depth during your consultation. The following is general recovery information based on different types of procedures.

Dental filling recovery

Dental fillings repair minor cavities and mild damage to teeth. They’re placed during a single office visit and don’t require down time. 

It’s common to experience some gum sensitivity after having fillings placed, but it shouldn’t interrupt your daily activities. You can typically resume your daily activities immediately after leaving the office.

Dental implant recovery

Used to replace one or more missing teeth, dental implants require oral surgery. Surgery for dental implants may involve multiple procedures, and healing and recovery may occur in steps. 

The time it takes for your mouth to completely heal depends on a number of factors, including the number of teeth replaced and your overall oral health. You can expect some swelling and pain during the first two days. 

It can take six to eight months to fully heal from dental implants. During this time, your jawbone fuses to the implants.

Crown recovery

A crown restores the part of the tooth that sits above the gumline. Use when you have a large cavity or need a root canal, crowns return your tooth to its normal function. 

You can expect minor tenderness of the gums and should feel comfortable a day or two after having the crown placed.

Adjusting to dentures 

While there’s no required downtime for dentures, it does take time for your gums and tongue to adjust to your new teeth. You may notice more saliva and may have sore areas of your gums. 

Don’t hesitate to call our office to have your dentures adjusted. Getting the right fit may require multiple office visits.

Recovery following periodontal care

Periodontal care is necessary if you have gum disease. Recovery depends on the extent of the gum disease and any compounding factors.

Scaling and root planing are used to treat mild gum disease and recovery is almost immediate. However, extensive gum disease may require surgery and longer recovery time.  

Restore your smile with a full mouth reconstruction

If you think you may need a full mouth reconstruction, we will conduct a thorough consultation to discuss your needs and goals. To get started, call our office in Plantation, Florida, to schedule a consultation or request an appointment online today.

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