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Considering Invisalign?® Here are 3 Things You May Not Know

Your smile is your calling card to the world, the first impression you make on many of the people you meet. If you have crooked teeth, you might not channel the confidence you’d like to project. Yet the thought of compromising your smile with years of braces may not seem like a worthy alternative for future improvements.

Invisalign® clear dental aligners provide an effective alternative to conventional orthodontic treatments that load your mouth full of braces and wires. Instead, you can achieve your teeth alignment goals using a series of virtually invisible trays. That’s right, you’ll be able to enjoy straight teeth without anyone knowing during the process. 

Dr. John G. Sarris and Dr. Thomas Copulos at Dental Designs Of Plantation can show you the Invisalign difference and how it can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Contact the office today to book your Invisalign consultation. 

The Invisalign system

Invisalign is a teeth-straightening system using a progressive series of clear retainers that fit over your teeth, gently shifting them into an ideal position. Close to seven million people have already chosen the Invisalign system to straighten their teeth. It’s a popular and successful teeth-alignment method that works.

Treatment targets

 Invisalign can be used to treat a range of dental alignment issues, including:

You can look to Invisalign as the solution to virtually any dental alignment issue. 

3 things you may not know about Invisalign

A high-tech solution

The Invisalign system uses computer analysis to develop and map your treatment plan, showing precisely which teeth need to be realigned. Dr. Sarris then designs a progressive series of aligners that comprise the basis of your treatment.

These aligner trays that straighten your teeth are custom made to fit your mouth. Before you begin your treatment, Dr. Sarris uses a special 3D scanner to take an image of your teeth. These scans are the programming basis for the construction of your unique aligners using Invisalign’s SmartTrack® material. 

Comfortable and convenient

Since your trays are custom fit to your teeth, the fit is comfortable. Unlike metal braces, the Invisalign trays are made out of a thin, clear plastic that won’t irritate or cut your lips or gums, yet is sufficiently rigid to nudge your teeth into their new positions. 

There are no restrictions on what you eat and drink, since you remove your trays to eat, returning them only after you’ve finished and cleaned your teeth. You can even take your aligners out for special occasions, though it’s recommended to wear them for 20 to 22 hours a day (even while you sleep) to achieve the best results. 

Fast treatment

Since the trays are progressive, advancing treatment doesn’t require a dental visit. After about two weeks, you simply move to the next aligner tray in the sequence. The total course of treatment requires fewer adjustments than conventional orthodontic systems. 

Although the exact length of treatment depends on your specific alignment needs, most people can complete Invisalign treatment in just 12 months. This means that the smile you’ve always wanted can soon be yours.

Contact Dental Designs Of Plantation to schedule your initial Invisalign consultation. Dr. Sarris and his team can show you the benefits of this new and exciting treatment, including how it can improve your smile. Call us today at 954-473-6400 or book your appointment online. 

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