4 Reasons to Choose Laser Dentistry

When you think of dental procedures, drills and other tools likely come to mind. While these tools are safe and effective at addressing dental conditions and improving the appearance of your smile, laser dentistry improves upon these tried and true dental techniques. 

Laser dentistry involves using precisely focused light energy to treat issues affecting your mouth and teeth. Lasers can be used to treat cavities, perform gum surgery, and even whiten your teeth

At Dental Designs of Plantation, general and cosmetic dentist Dr. John Sarris and periodontist Dr. Thomas Copulos use lasers in a wide variety of dental applications. Laser dentistry offers many benefits over other dental approaches. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose laser dentistry. 

#1: Less pain and discomfort

A major benefit of laser dentistry is less pain and discomfort during and after dental procedures. 

One of the reasons people dread visiting the dentist is the discomfort associated with traditional tools like drills. Not only are these tools loud, which can add to anxiety, but they’re less comfortable for patients to contend with. 

Laser dentistry is virtually pain free. We can precisely direct light energy toward the treatment area so there’s no pain. This makes laser dentistry an excellent option for anyone concerned about discomfort. 

#2: Faster healing time

Recovering from dental procedures isn’t on the top of anyone’s fun list. Lasers used in dentistry are more precise, cause less tissue damage, and stimulate tissue regeneration. This adds up to faster healing time for patients. 

Laser dentistry significantly reduces the swelling, bleeding, and temporary dietary restrictions that come with dental procedures, allowing you to feel back to normal much faster.

#3: Reduced need for anesthesia

For some procedures, you can say goodbye to the mouth numbing that lingers for a few hours after the procedure. The less invasive approach of lasers means you can walk out of our office after your procedure without an anesthetic in many cases. 

#4: Early cavity detection

While root canal treatment has advanced significantly and is no longer the painful procedure it once was, it’s best to reduce the need for a root canal in the first place. Root canals are often recommended when you have a cavity that’s too large or advanced to fill. 

With laser dentistry, we can detect cavities at earlier stages than with traditional approaches. This means more preservation of your natural teeth and less need for procedures like root canals. 

When to get laser dentistry 

Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of your gums, restore your smile, or treat serious oral disease, laser dentistry is the most precise and effective way to do so. 

Our laser dentistry procedures provide attractive results with less discomfort and faster healing than traditional methods.

To find out if laser dentistry is right for you, call our office in Plantation, Florida, or request an appointment online today.

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